The Bull Pen Championship Series

Farm Strong Athletics is proud to present The Bull Pen Championship Series, starting August 27, 2016.  The contest will held at CrossFit Edmonton located at #50, 320 Circle Drive
St. Albert, AB.   Session times will be 1pm, and 3pm.

This will be the first of three Olympic Weightlifting contests, for youth and junior athletes, ranging from ages 9 to 20 years of age. The goal of this series is to encourage young athletes to try the sport of Weightlifting, and provide more competitions for existing junior and youth athletes to compete against their peers.

These contests will be open to all male and female athletes that fall in the above mentioned age range, and the athletes will compete in the categories specified in the IWF rules, according to their bodyweight.

Body Weight Categories for Youth and Junior men:

50kg, 56kg, 62kg, 69kg, 77kg, 85kg, 94kg, 105kg, +105kg

Body Weight Categories for Youth and Junior Women:

44kg, 48kg, 53kg, 58kg, 63kg, 69kg, 75kg, +75kg

Each contest in the series will award the top 3 athletes in each weight category, as well as award the best male and female lifters from the contest.

At the end of the three contest series, awards will be given, and overall champions will be declared.  More info on this to be released in coming weeks.

Athletes will also be able register official totals from these contests, if they are a member with the Alberta Weightlifting Association (AWA), AWA memberships for youth and junior age athletes are free for the first year, and athletes can register for their free memberships at:

As these meets are to encourage and promote the sport of Weightlifting, coaches will be allowed to choose the barbell they would like their young athlete to use in the contest.

Barbells to be used will ether be 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, or 20kg in weight.

The minimum opening attempt weight will be 10kg, and the 5kg bar will be switched out after the weight has exceeded 19kg.

Registration for the August 27, 2016 contest is now open, and the deadline to enter will be August 17.

Registration fee: $25+tax REGISTER NOW

Stay tuned to this web page as we will be announcing more information on the series, future dates, the venues, sponsorships opportunities, and much much more.

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Future Champs Program

Registration is open for youth ages 14-18 who want to improve their sports performance over the summer. We help athletes develop their skill over the summer with strength and power training to compliment whichever sport they are involved in.

Athletes will have the opportunity to learn olympic weightlifting, basic gymnastics, plyometrics, and extensive conditioning drills in a fun, safe, and fully supervised environment! The program is designed to address the needs of athletes of all sports.

Program runs 5pm on weeknights and as the athlete progresses, they will be allowed access to all scheduled training sessions.  Dependent on maturity levels we will work with athletes as young as 9 years of age, as long as we have space remaining in that age bracket.   CONTACT

Cost: Discounted now at  $80+tax per month (unlimited sessions per week)  BUY NOW

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Interested in joining our team?

Whether you are training for “Olympic” Weightlifting, health and wellness, or sports performance.  Our Coaching staff can help you with your goals.

We are currently offering our Original Monthly Membership to new athletes and trainees until the end of the month, and have made some changes to all our memberships for those athletes and team members that cant get to us on a regular basis.

Unlimited Monthly Membership

UNTIL May 31, 2016:
$150+tax / month – 6 month commitment             BUY NOW

$195+tax / month – month to month                      BUY NOW

AFTER May 31, 2016:

$160+tax / month – 6 month commitment             BUY NOW

$195+tax / month – month to month                      BUY NOW

Once a Week, Or Twice a Week Memberships

$80+tax / month – One training session per week.       BUY NOW

$120+tax / month – Two training sessions per week.   BUY NOW


Using the Wodify app, that comes with all Farm Strong Memberships, our remote athletes can now follow along with our team programing, receive video review, and be coached at competitions. 


U18 Future Champs Membership

Is Farm Strong’s long term sports development program for athletes under 18 years of age.  Athletes will have the opportunity to learn Olympic Weightlifting, basic gymnastics, plyometrics, and extensive conditioning drills in a fun, safe, and fully supervised environment! The program is designed to address the needs of athletes of all sports.

The program runs 5pm on weeknights and as the athlete progresses, they will be allowed access to all scheduled training sessions.  Dependent on maturity levels we will work with athletes as young as 9 years of age, as long as we have space remaining in that age bracket.   CONTACT

 Cost: Discounted now at  $80+tax per month (unlimited sessions per week)  BUY NOW

Free Assessment 

Have questions about our training methods? Not sure which of our services best suit your needs? Our free 30min consultation will go over all your training and exercise goals. You will be sure to leave with some clarity and understanding to help you with your training needs. Book your free consult today! CONTACT


Farm Strong  shirt

Farm Strong T- Shirts

Farm Strong shirt5301_C1290We will placing an order for some more T-Shirts, and will be running a pre-sale until March 17, 2016.  The shirts will be at the gym by end of March or very early April, in time for the Western Canadian Championships.

The blue, black, grey, and purple shirts are uni-sex American Apparel T-Shirts.  The Red, and Lime shirts are from another brand, but with a similar fit.  And you will have your choice of shirt color, and ether a Black or white

Sizing of Shirts is as follows:


Children sizes are available upon request, though all colors may not be available.

The shirts will cost $25 per shirt.  We will also have buy 5 for $100. (CONTACT US, for custom order and invoice) 

Or if you are an existing gym Member, you can also place your custom order through your favorite Coach, and bill your account

Shirts will be available for pick up at gyms, contests, and workshops, but if shipping is required shipping costs will be PUD( Payment Upon Delivery )

All Proceeds from these shirts will be going to our U18 Future Champs Program.

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2015 Alberta Senior Weightlifting Championships

AWAOn December 5, the Alberta Weightlifting Association ran the 2015 Senior Provincial Championships. The competition was hosted by  Reebok Crossfit Ramsay in Calgary.  The Ramsay facility is fantastic, Ken Andrukow and Dylan Kranenburg have done a great job, the layout of the gym works great for weightlifting competitions.  There is plenty of space in the warm up areas, as well as proper equipment.  For athletes to be able to warm up on proper platforms, with kilogram plates and good bars is always ideal, there is nothing worse then warming up on rubber flooring with bars and plates that aren’t similar to the competition stage.  This has quickly made CrossFit Ramsay one of Farm Strong’s favorite venues for meets.

For those that weren’t able to attend this years provincials, they were also live streamed, and if you didn’t watch from home you can go back and watched the archived footage found here.

YouTube Preview Image

The day was marked by some fantastic performances from Farm Strong athletes.

AJ Facendi  had a amazing day going 6 for 6, lifting 51kg snatch, and 70kg CnJ, for personal bests on both lifts and total, and a silver in the 53kg division.




Amy Speed-Andrews lifted a 64kg snatch, and a 85kg personal best clean and jerk to secure 1st place in the 63kg division.

Harri Li had his best competition to date going 5 for 6 with a 92kg snatch and 122kg personal best clean and jerk.

Danny Schultz added another provincial title to his trophy case.  After shaking some rust off on his 1st two attempts he rebounded well making his final snatch attempt at 118kg, then going on to clean and jerk 145, and 151 to clinch the 77kg division.

The female 63kg division ended up being an entertaining battle.  Megan Lauer clinched her first provincial title lifting a personal best 66kg snatch and a 80kg clean and jerk.

A video posted by @kiss_n_lift on

Second place went to another Farm Strong lifter, up and coming Jodi Podolas in only her second competition was able to edge out veteran, and friend of Farm Strong Amy Moolyk by just 1kg.  Jodi lifted a 60kg snatch and a 86kg clean and jerk which was good enough to tie Megan’s 146kg total.  The tie was broken by bodyweight, which Megan then had the edge.
Our coaches last session of the day saw 3 more athletes and some more great efforts.
Lifting in 85kg division Rob Lockwood snatched 115kg, clean an jerked 145kg, then just missed the jerk after cleaning 151 to finish third, behind Glen ” Guy in the Garage ” Hutchinson.  Impressively Glen has found a way to whittle his bodyweight down from the 94kg division and continue to lift big weights, despite being gaunt and skinny he snatched 126, narrowly missed a new provincial record at 130, and clean and jerked 146 for a 272kg total.

Farm Strong’s Andrew Pretty took home the 85kg gold with a huge day on the platform, lifting personal bests in the snatch, and the clean and jerk, 125, 150 for a pr total of 275kg.

 Not to be out done by his team mates, the lift of the day had to go to “Jerkin” Jack Durkin.  Not only did he snatch a personal best 113kg, but after he made his opening clean and jerk of 138kg, he had one thing in mind, and that was qualify for nationals, which requires a 263kg total for the 94kg lifters. Jack came out on his second attempt and punched his ticket to Richmond, lifting another pr for the day at 150kg which was a huge increase from his first attempt, and a very gutsy move,  and since he had another attempt left, he went out and got another personal record clean of 153kg but just missed the jerk.  He finished 4th place in a very tough 94kg weight class.
Courtesy of Jack’s youtube channel:
YouTube Preview Image
All in all it was a great day, Weightlifting is continuing to grow in Alberta, and the caliber of lifters has increased dramatically in the past few years, which is great to see, for a full list of the 2015 provincial results click on the link:  RESULTS
If you are interested in training with us and would like to join our team CONTACT.
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Give the Gift of Lift, Christmas 2015

IMG_1584-0.JPGHoliday season is upon us, and there is no better time to give the gift of lift!

During the holidays and “New Years Resolution” season, we will be offering our original membership rate to new members until January 31, 2015:  BUY NOW

There are also two new dates added to the seminar schedule January 23, 2016, and February 28, 2016.  Due to coaches availability these seminars will capped for fewer participants, and will sell out, so book soon: Weightlifting Workshop

Last but not least, we now have $50 gift cards for sale to be used for all of our services!

gift card front

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Purchase your gift cards here: BUY NOW

On behalf of all of us here at Farm Strong, have a merry Christmas, and may the new year bring you lots of personal bests in and out of the gym!

Evan Taylor



Body logo

BodyRox Cross Training in Leduc

Body logo

We will be in Leduc, Alberta on October 10, 2015 to run our full day Olympic weightlifting workshop.


BodyRox Cross Training will be our host for more info on BodyRox and their amazing facility check out their website:


For more information on the workshop, and to register follow the link: WEIGHTLIFTING WORKSHOP



Alberta Weightlifting Association Club


The paperwork has been processed!   The Farm Strong Weightlifting Team is now a fully recognized Weightlifting Club with the Alberta Weightlifting Association (AWA)!

We look forward to working more with the AWA, and help them promote the sport of Weightlifting!  If you are interested on becoming a member of the AWA, or require more information visit the AWA website at:

Farm Strong Schedule

New Programs and August Schedule

20121006-171241.jpgFarm Strong ScheduleFarm Strong Schedule
This August Farm Strong will be adding some new programs to our schedule and improving some of our existing services.  For a copy of our August Schedule click: Farm Strong Schedule

Check the Schedule page on our website frequently as we will be adding more training times soon.


Free Assessments

Have questions about our training methods?  Not sure which of our services best suit your needs? Our free 30min consultation will go over all your training and exercise goals.  You will be sure to leave with some clarity and understanding to help you with your training needs.  Book your free consult today!  CONTACT

Conditioning Class

Our new Conditioning Class will be a one hour fully programmed and coached strength and conditioning session, utilizing a variety of exercise methods designed to aid in recovery, weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.  Come in for a free trial of this class on August 6th, 11th, and 13th. CONTACT us to reserve your spot for the free session.  After Aug 13th, Drop ins will be $20+tax for these sessions, or one of our membership packages.

Open Gym

Facility will be open to all our members to follow their own programs and individual training needs.  This time slot will be un-coached and designed to encourage our members to get their extra programming and assistance work in.  The open gym slots will not be available to 10 visit punch pass members at this time.  More open gym  times will be added by months end, so check schedule for updates.

Olympic Weightlifting

If you have trained with us in the past, nothing has changed but the name of the training session.  These fully coached and programmed training sessions are designed to increase an athletes power, speed, strength and proficiency with weightlifting movements (snatch,clean and jerk).  Training sessions last minimum of 2 hrs, our new drop in price for these sessions is $25+tax. BOOK NOW

( To help us ensure that we can provide the best coaching to the entire group, new attendees must attend our free assessment, at least one 75-minute private session or a Weightlifting Workshop with a Farm Strong Coach before being eligible for our Olympic Weightlifting sessions. Please CONTACT )
Future Champs

Will be back on schedule in September, if you have a child from ages 8 and up, and would like more info on this program, please contact us.


One pre-curser to attending our regular scheduled Olympic Weightlifting sessions our next Farm Strong Weightlifting Workshop will be held at Farmstrong on August 30, 2015 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Book now for the Early Bird Rate (ends August 23, 2015).  Workshops can also be custom booked, or brought to other training facilities if adequate equipment needs are met, contact for more info.



Amy yoga

FS Army: Amy Speed Andrews


amy WL

We are happy to announce that Amy Speed Andrews has joined our coaching staff!

Amy has been involved in the exercise field for most of her life, as an athlete, student, academic and coach!

We first began working with Amy in the spring of 2014, as she was our first CrossFit Athlete to utilize our Individual Program design service, which she was able to use to help her qualify for her first CrossFit Regionals appearance in 2014, which resulted in a 17th overall ranking in Canada West.
She was then bitten by the Weightlifting bug, and now also competes for Farm Strong’s Weightlifting team, and in 2014/2015 Weightlifting “season” , performed quite well, getting an invite to compete with team Alberta for Western Canadians, as well as qualifying for her first Canadian Nationals. She currently is ranked a close second just behind her Farm Strong team mate, for top female lifter in Alberta with a 196.68 Sinclair ( as of May 31, 2015)

Amy will be overseeing Farm Strong’s new Strength and Conditioning Program, her impressive credentials include:

PhD Physical Activity and Health Behavior
• MS Kinesiology
• NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
• ACSM Cancer Exercise Trainer
• Agatsu Joint Mobility
• +300hrs Yoga Teacher Training
• Classical and Fletcher Mat Pilates
. CrossFit Lazarus Coach
. CrossFit Saint City Coach
• CrossFit Games Regional Competitor – Individual Women 2014
• 2015 Canadian Senior Weightlifting Championship qualifier

Amy yoga