Interested in joining our team?

Whether you are training for “Olympic” Weightlifting, health and wellness, or sports performance.  Our Coaching staff can help you with your goals.

We are currently offering our Original Monthly Membership to new athletes and trainees until the end of the month, and have made some changes to all our memberships for those athletes and team members that cant get to us on a regular basis.

Unlimited Monthly Membership

UNTIL May 31, 2016:
$150+tax / month – 6 month commitment             BUY NOW

$195+tax / month – month to month                      BUY NOW

AFTER May 31, 2016:

$160+tax / month – 6 month commitment             BUY NOW

$195+tax / month – month to month                      BUY NOW

Once a Week, Or Twice a Week Memberships

$80+tax / month – One training session per week.       BUY NOW

$120+tax / month – Two training sessions per week.   BUY NOW


Using the Wodify app, that comes with all Farm Strong Memberships, our remote athletes can now follow along with our team programing, receive video review, and be coached at competitions. 


U18 Future Champs Membership

Is Farm Strong’s long term sports development program for athletes under 18 years of age.  Athletes will have the opportunity to learn Olympic Weightlifting, basic gymnastics, plyometrics, and extensive conditioning drills in a fun, safe, and fully supervised environment! The program is designed to address the needs of athletes of all sports.

The program runs 5pm on weeknights and as the athlete progresses, they will be allowed access to all scheduled training sessions.  Dependent on maturity levels we will work with athletes as young as 9 years of age, as long as we have space remaining in that age bracket.   CONTACT

 Cost: Discounted now at  $80+tax per month (unlimited sessions per week)  BUY NOW

Free Assessment 

Have questions about our training methods? Not sure which of our services best suit your needs? Our free 30min consultation will go over all your training and exercise goals. You will be sure to leave with some clarity and understanding to help you with your training needs. Book your free consult today! CONTACT