Farm Strong shirt5301_C1290We will placing an order for some more T-Shirts, and will be running a pre-sale until March 17, 2016.  The shirts will be at the gym by end of March or very early April, in time for the Western Canadian Championships.

The blue, black, grey, and purple shirts are uni-sex American Apparel T-Shirts.  The Red, and Lime shirts are from another brand, but with a similar fit.  And you will have your choice of shirt color, and ether a Black or white

Sizing of Shirts is as follows:


Children sizes are available upon request, though all colors may not be available.

The shirts will cost $25 per shirt.  We will also have buy 5 for $100. (CONTACT US, for custom order and invoice) 

Or if you are an existing gym Member, you can also place your custom order through your favorite Coach, and bill your account

Shirts will be available for pick up at gyms, contests, and workshops, but if shipping is required shipping costs will be PUD( Payment Upon Delivery )

All Proceeds from these shirts will be going to our U18 Future Champs Program.

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