Bull Pen Farm Strong

This past weekend marked the beginning of a new Olympic Weightlifting competition series for youth and junior athletes ages 9 to 20.  This series is meant to give young athletes more opportunities to compete along side their peers, grow the sport of Olympic Weightlifting, and demonstrate the fitness and sports performance benefits of this style of training.

The August 27th contest ran very well, and there are big plans for this series moving forward. With the timing of other AWA meets and the upcoming Alberta Youth/Junior provincials on November 5, Farm Strong will be moving the rest of the dates in the Bill Pen series into 2017.  The dates for the 2017 Bull Pen Championship Series will be Feb 25, May 27, and August 26.  This will give other clubs from other towns and provinces more time to prepare their younger athletes.

Farm Strong is very proud of all of the athletes that participated in this first contest, below is a write up of the days events.

Session 1IMG_1283 ( left to right: Lincoln Taylor, Musa Elmahdi, Muslim Elmahdi 56kg, Harley Glugosh, Kellen Lockwood, Kaleb Scott, Zane Moreau, Vaughn Hutchinson, Eric Hutchinson )

Session 1 saw 9 athletes, all competing in their first contest.  The ages in this session ranged from 9 to 12 years of age.  With one athlete in the 56kg youth class, and 8 athletes competed in the 50kg youth weight class, all were under 40kg!  It was a very entertaining contest with only kilograms separating 1st and 2nd place, and a dog fight for 3rd place.  Full score sheet at Bull Pen ChampionshipsIMG_1352

( left to right: Kellen Lockwood 2nd, Lincoln Taylor 1st, Kaleb Scott 3rd )

Session 2IMG_1369

( Left to Right: Deanna Eng 53kg, Zach Latimer 77kg, Steven Cox 77kg, Abbey Laviolette, Katelynn Wagner 63kg, Kaydon Wagner 77kg, Brandon Meja 69kg, Adam Glugosh 62kg )


Session 2 saw 8 athletes competing across multiple weight classes, it was the first competition for all but two of the athletes, with a full contest in the 77kg weight class.  Full score sheet at Bull Pen Championships

(video of lifts before Camera died )


(Left to right: Steven Cox 3rd, Zach Latimer 1st, Kaydon Wagner 3rd)

Medals were given to the top 3 in each weight class,  as well as awards for:

IMG_2131Best male lifter: Zach Latimer


Best Female Lifter, and Best Clean and Jerk Technique: Deanna Eng


Best Snatch Technique: Kellen Lockwood

If you would like to see photos from the event please click here!

A huge thank you to all the Farm Strong Club members that volunteered to help run this contest, to Dresdin Archibald for announcing, CrossFit Edmonton for a great venue, Moolyk Strength &Conditioning, Guy in a Garage Weightlifting for bringing your athletes to compete, and the Alberta Weightlifting Association for your support.

If you are interested sponsoring the series moving forward, or interested on how to get your young athlete involved, please contact us through the website.