2011 Alberta Olympic Weightlifting provincials are now behind us, and the crew at CrossFit Lineage put on quite the event. The place was packed from start to finish, and 55 lifters took part in what was the largest participated provincials ever!  Check out there websites for more information on the event, as results for all categories should be posted soon.

I was able to clinch 1st place in the 85kg division, I made all three attempts in the snatch 95, 100, and 105kg.  The Clean and Jerk didn’t go as well though, as I failed my first two attempts at 125kg(timing was off in the jerk), then decided to bump up the weight to 128kg if I was able to have any chance to maintain the ground I made in the snatch. The 128 got up and I got the 3 white lights from the compassionate judges, then had to watch as David Joy (second), and Jeff Sutherland (third) finish their remaining clean and jerks, which were both heavier then mine.  In the end I totaled 233 for first, Joy 227, and Sutherland 225.  It was a great time and it will definitely be a sport that I will continue to participate in. Below are the vids of my lifts.

I was able to take quite a few videos, of some amazing lifts from the competition, below are a few of the highlights.