Friday March 30, 2012

Well Sha-Tay has taken all of a few months to learn how to better strategize I work out and beat me.  I could argue that the scaling of the work out was in her favor, but that would only be an attempt to make myself feel better……..she did beat me by approximately 2minutes.  Once again running can kiss it.  Below is last Friday’s training.

Shannon Bench Press:  Got up 85#/3…I think!
Evan Floor Press( no Extra bench): Got up to 225/2
150 Kettle-bell Swings
Every break in swings results in 400m run penalty
Shannon used 25#: Went 65, run, 45, run, 40 done
Evan used 70#: Went 50, run, 40, run, 30, run, 30 done
approx 11 minutes forgot stopwatch, but you could have timed me with a sundial.

Taking more rest to insure more reps on swings was the smarter way to go………Next time the Ol’ lady is swinging a heavier bell though!