Well I didn’t make it to regionals, didn’t post a high enough total for nationals, and completely fell short on this year’s training goals which makes me one pathetic loser.

 Onwards and Upwards to quote a saying.  It’s time to get back at it.  I’ve been reviewing a bunch of lifters videos to pick apart nuances that I can work into my tech, and hopefully get me past some stagnant numbers.  Few things I noticed from my own vids was I wasn’t hitting full extension on my cleans, and as pointed out to me plenty of times by Rob “Skull Cap” Lockwood, my jerk wasn’t going straight up and down, and the bar was getting driven out on the way up.  Now Rob has definitely helped me become a better lifter in a very short period of time, and the biggest thing I’ve learned from Rob is to generate or create a “whip” by getting the bar to the hip crease, and then finishing that violent hip opening.  I got the hang of it pretty quick with the snatch, but I haven’t seemed to replicate it with the clean, and since my proportions are different from Rob’s I had to see how I could reach that same extension on the clean, and then do what ever I can to solve my bad habits with the jerk!

Below are a few videos and notes.

Here is Rob’s final lift that sealed his win at 2011 provincials in the 77kg div.  I noticed once I started training with Rob, that even in is warm sets with an empty bar, he focus’s on that incredibly fast “whip”, or hip pop, which really generates the bar upward. Not to mention he has the best post lift Barbell Spikes in E-Town!

 Chris Terner splays his knees out on the dip of his jerk, this helps his torso stay more upright, helping improve his bar path on the way back up.  You also see this tendency with Chris, and Quinton’s clean, as they actually externally rotate their knees out as they transition to the second pull, which again helps them generate enough torque, and stay upright recruiting more legs then back throughout the clean, I’d venture a guess that both are stronger squater’s then dead-lifters.


Above is Chris McCarthy.  Ignore the fact that he has roughly 20#s more muscle on his frame then me , 2 of those being of tattoo ink, , Chris and I are the same height.  Chris sets up with a bit wider grip on his cleans, with his knee’s splayed out from the beginning, this wider grip helps him get the bar higher into the pocket for his clean, as well as  shortens the range of motion for his jerk.

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” Below is my initial attempts of peicing these techniques into my clean and jerk.(Still drifted a bit forward on the jerk though!)


Past week in training:

Monday April 2, 2012
Power Snatch 80/2, 90/2, 95/2, 100f, 100 (not power)
CnJ worked up to 130 1/2
Tuesday April 3, 2012
Snatch 84/2/3, 88/1/2
Power clean + Jerk 110/1/5
Low Bar Back Squat  125/3,145/3, 165/1
Wednesday April 3, 2012
4 rounds
10 Push Ups
5/side Turkish Get Ups wth 50#KB
Thursday/Friday Rest
Saturday April 7, 2012
Snatch worked up to 102
Jerk worked up to 135 Pr
30 min Partner AMARAP
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 squats
alternate rest when partner works
done at CF Edmonton with Brian Carter
26 rounds each……I was definately the anchor!