This past weekend on Nov 15, the Farm Strong Weightlifting team headed to its first provincial championship meet! Hosted by the Alberta Weightlifting Association in Edmonton. It was a great showing for the team, as they collected 5 gold, and 2 silver medals!
IMG_1571.JPGBack Row L-R: Evan Taylor, Danny Schultz, Cheng Xu, Brent Garrett, Peter Li, Megan Lauer, Harri Li.
Front Row L-R: Amy Speed-Andrews, Skyla Bradley, Rachel Pattison, Rob Lockwood.
Missing: Fran Grabinsky, AJ Facendi, Leah James, Richard Bodnaruk

In the first session of the day, in her second meet ever and first provincial appearance, Fran Grabinsky won gold in the 58kg division, by going; 56,58,60x in the snatch, and 70,75,77 in the clean and jerk, for a 135kg total.


The second session of the day was the busiest for Farm Strong Coaches ( Brent Garrett, Danny Schultz, Evan Taylor ), as there were 5 lifters in the session. Peter Li went; Snatch 80,85,88x, Clean and Jerk 100,x, 105. Which netted him a 190kg total, gold medal in the 62kg div, and punched his first ticket to Nationals.
Cheng Xu lifted 90,95x,95x, 115,120, and a dramatic 124 to edge out his competition by 1kg for a 214kg total, and his first provincial gold in the 69kg div.
Harri Li lifted 90, 95x,95x, 110,115xx, for a 200kg total, which was 4kg enough to claim his first provincial gold in the 77kg div.
Richard Bodnaruk had a gutsy performance in his second meet, and first provincial appearance. Richard snatched 90kg in his opener, but dropped it before the down signal, and was red lighted. Having made the lift easy, Coach Brent bumped his second attempt to the originally planned 95kg, which Richard was able to lock out, but just lost his balance before standing it up, so it was make or break on his third attempt, and Rich was clutch to nail it. He then went 3 for 3 in the clean and jerks, 110,115,120 for a 215kg total, and a 4th place finish in the 85kg div.
Rob Lockwood won his umpteenth provincial gold! This one in the 85kg division, with a 263kg total. Rob snatched 113, and just missed 118 his next two attempts. He then clean and jerked 145, 150, and out of character missed the 155 clean!


The third session of the day saw three Farm Strong ladies lifting. Skyla Bradley 69kg, and Rachel Pattison >75kg, both made their first provincial appearances. Skyla lifted 45,48x,48,60,66,70(x called for press out). Rachel lifted 57,60,62x,74,76x,78 and got silver. Megan Lauer lifted 57,60,62x,79,82xx to take silver in the 69kg.

Here is a video of most of the teams attempts from the day!