Tuesday Feb 21, 2012

Deep tissue work and mobility work, canceled everything planned afterwards.

Wednesday Feb 22, 2012

Power Snatch 85kg 2/2
C+J 110 1/3, 115, 1/3, 120 1/3
Med Grip Clean Pulls 115 4/5
Low Bar Back Squat 115 4/3 @20×1
Push Press 100 3/2 think thats a new 3RM pr
Gymnastic Skills Session
Glide Kip…nailed it
Back Flip….almost took out my spotters teeth with flaying arms.
Coached Kids Gymnastic class.
2hr rest
5 sets in low ceiling basement
1min Work, 3min rest
10 Burpees As Fast As Possible with exaggerated jump approx 6”, hands at side due to ceiling height
10 2pd Russian KBS
Max Effort Airdyne Sprint with remaining time in the minute( was about 25s every set)

Hard day of training, made the most of an opportunity to get some gymnastic coaching, I jones out when I get to learn something new, glide kip was pretty cool, and I figured it out pretty quick, the chart above explains it to the letter……….There wasnt much time left to work on the back tuck, but I was able to take a couple stabs at it……though i did give the girl helping me a bloody lip on my first attempt, man I felt bad, but she was tough as nails, and laughed it off!  I’m volunteering at North Edmonton Gymnastic Club, and helping out as an assistant for some of the youth programs, so much fun, and super rewarding!